The advantages of buying a white frame apartment in Georgia

Before even thinking about the necessities your future investment should have, you need to know the alphabet of the things you should undoubtedly know when purchasing your property in Georgia. What do you know about a white frame apartment, for example? Have you ever heard the phrase at all?

Georgia has its very own standards regarding preparing and selling an apartment. In this article, we are planning to discuss white frame apartments and their superiority over the black and green frame ones. Do not panic yet, we will go through the whole definitions soon.

A white frame apartment? Do apartments have a colorful frame at all?

In Georgia, apartments ready to sell are classified into three major construction phases:

  1. Black frame apartments
  2. White frame apartments
  3. Green frame apartments

For complete and detailed information about these three phases, you can read this article titling Comparing Black, White, and Green Frame finishing properties. Here, we briefly take a look at these phases again:

Then, what is the difference between these three phases?

Through the whole process of building an apartment, the constructor company goes through all these three phases in a row.

Black frame phase

The construction company which is particularly referred to as “Developer” in Georgia, first puts the preliminary materials on each other to form the fundamental appearance of the building. In this phase, the apartment is deemed to be in a black frame format.

In a black frame apartment, the main colors you can see around the project are black and gray. The reason for that is the building in this frame has been built essentially by cement and concrete, and the project has been pushed forward as far as you can see there are walls, roof, floor, and the integral soul of what is called an apartment.

White frame phase

Then, the subsequent phase is completing the building further to enter the white frame format. In this phase, the developer, or the customer itself, starts to carry on some utility-related tasks in the house. For instance, plumbing and electrical works of the house are implemented during this phase; however, the apartment is not inhabitable yet.

As the name suggests, you can generally see white colors when the unit is in its white frame phase. The biggest advantage the customer has in this phase is that they can form the main plan and rooms in the building based on their very own needs. Apart from that, we will go through a complete list of the advantages of buying an apartment in the white frame phase later in this article.

Green frame phase

Ultimately, the developer or the customer enters the green frame phase. In this phase, not only are the remaining cosmetic works are performed to complete the house, but the house is almost fully like a real apartment, and equipping it with some furniture can make it your new dwelling place. The following picture gallery shows an apartment in the green frame finishing.

What is the white frame finishing in an apartment?

The “white frame” terminology does not have an absolutely accurate definition. Each developer may have their specific definition, though the general specs and characteristics are alike. In simple terms, one can define a white frame apartment as a building that fundamentally has an empty shell, bare concrete floor, ceiling, exterior walls, water and gas and waste water pipes, cables, and in some cases windows and doors; Nothing more in general.

Although this is the basic common definition, the developers may detail their services for a white frame apartment just a little differently. As an example, one of the developers in Georgia announces these services as what they offer when delivering a white frame apartment:

  • External windows and doors in glass
  • Lighting equipment
  • Fire detection system
  • Main door in metal
  • Heating system
  • Electricity, gas, and water supply systems
  • Internet and phone cables
  • Different isolation packages

Other developers are likely to offer more or fewer options; all the same, the main options are similar.

Locals usually call the white frame apartments “White Carcass” too. In the majority of cases, people prefer to buy their new apartment in a white frame format. There are a variety of benefits to this choice we are going to discuss below.

Why should you buy a white frame apartment? What are the advantages?

1. Design it as you like.

It is needless to mention this very vivid advantage of white frame apartments. You can design it just the way you want it. Some constructors have built the apartment for you without dirtying the design with their bad taste. Now, it is your turn to take over the remaining job. Consequently, you can even draw the plot for your final rooms and create the boundaries according to your very own desire.

You can design the whole interior by yourself. Furthermore, you can use any kind of materials your budget allows you. As a result, you will ultimately feel it has been “you” who has fabricated the whole building solely. Feel free to inject your creativity into the design of your future dwelling place then; it is going to be a hugely interesting journey.

White frame building

A white frame apartment offers plenty of opportunities to express your creative ideas.

2. You will certainly find the right building as per your requirements.

As I previously said, most of the apartments in Georgia are sold while being in white frame furnishing. That is more or less because of the fact that the domestic Georgian buyers usually tend to work on their apartment’s design by themselves; most of them have their own network of friends and family who are mainly builders, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc. They can use their expertise to decorate their houses with lower prices.

Now it is obvious how much locals and even foreign investors are in love with this phase in comparison to the other 2 phases of constructing a building, and why most of the houses are sold in the white frame finishing. The result is that no matter what your interests are, you are definitely going to find the apartment that complies with your taste as if it has been built just for you from the very beginning days.

You can visit many houses already in this phase to see which best fulfills your needs. Their options might be somewhat different depending on what the developer has listed to be delivered to the customer in this phase; however, you may find this versatility pleasing, since you can find the best building for yourself. Additionally, the process of comparing them is appealing too.

3. High chances of renovation.

Most of the apartments in Georgia seem very old. They are desperately in need of renovation. That noticeably gives birth to multiple investment opportunities, especially for foreign investors. Generally, the opportunities to invest in Georgia are countless, specifically in the real estate sector. If you are an investor, keep the apartments in need of renovation in your list.

You do not need an ocean of money to purchase an old building in Georgia. What is absolutely tempting is that you can put the house in the white frame status after the purchase with low amounts of expenditures. You just need to renovate the ruined parts and recreate them anew. It will not cost you as much as when you build the whole packages from scratch.

4. An investment opportunity you must seize.

In addition to the investment opportunities mentioned above, you should know that the return on investment in the white frame apartments is considerable. You can purchase one, complete it to enter the green frame format, and sell it shortly thereafter with an ROI of roughly 20 percent.

The biggest benefit here is that it does not matter how much your budget is; complete the apartment with any amount of money you already have, and gain 20 percent more in return.

Despite all the sweet stories here, the only drawback is you cannot sell your newly-built apartment overnight; selling an apartment in Georgia lasts for 6 months on average. Therefore, schedule your timing well if you are in need of your money soon.

5. You do not dirty your hands.

Yes, stay in a corner and watch. The developers are going to prepare it for you. So, they do the drudgery while you benefit from the results, without even touching a piece of stone. Maybe the hardest part is to raise the building from scratch, i.e. from literally nothing. That is the black frame phase, the phase in which much of the boredom and drudgery have to be tolerated to push the project forward.

You do not have to be a civil engineer to keep the construction job on after you receive the house in a white frame format; nonetheless, you need to at least know about the basics of how to build an apartment if you are going to start the project from the grounds up. Thus, you’d better let the experts do the preliminary hard work, and you keep the rest on thereafter.

So, it is more than vivid that if you are going to avoid the rudimentary headaches of buying primary materials, plotting the plan meticulously, dealing with many workers to do the job well, contacting a third party company to do the electrical and plumbing works, and so on, you are definitely going to go with the white frame apartment in which all the hard work is over and you are on your own with your magic wand to perform the cosmetics and build an apartment that deeply complies with your taste and sensitivity.

White frame apartments

Do not dirty your hands; let the developers do the primary works.

Summary: make up your mind now, white or black?

With all the benefits mentioned above, it is not difficult to tell the advantages of a white frame apartment over a black one. You can certainly find the white frame apartment that offers the options in your wishlist, and you have the option to design your future house just the way you like.

What is more, absorbing is that you can purchase an old apartment and renovate it to enter the white frame phase, and then sell it to earn a good fortune. Furthermore, you can look at it as a big investment opportunity through which you can benefit from the 20 percent definite return of investment. Additionally, these are all despite the fact that you do not even need to dirty your hand to pass the tough days of constructing the building from nothing and put it in the white frame format.