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Property Acquisition

Once you choose the property you would like to own in Tbilisi, Sterling will be with you every step of the way to help you comfortably acquire it in full.

Property Renovation

Purchase your white frame property in Tbilisi with Sterling or its developer partners and our experts renovate it from A-Z quickly and cost-efficiently.

Why not Green Frame?

In Georgia, it is a norm to buy it under this condition, because it can save you a lot of money, and if you own a white frame property and want to sell it, you could easily turn it into cash. Firstly, you are purchasing the property 20-30% less than you were if you are to invest a step before the ”ready to move in” status. Georgians prefer to purchase white frame properties as the condition gives you the guaranteed margins to make a profit.

If you were to purchase a black or white frame property with the intention for us to renovate it for you and put it back on the market, we could safely say that your profits are 20% of the invested price. If you purchased a white frame property for 100,000 USD and renovation costs were 20,000 USD. We are likely to sell that apartment of yours for 144,000 USD if not more, in under six months.

Generally from our experience, investors who invest in white frame status apartments either have the intention of living there or renovating to sell them for more. In our Sterling Premium Membership program, the first time ever a brokerage offers this service in Georgia, we are pushing boundaries more than ever, our relationship with our clients has evolved somewhat to a cycle of buying, renovating, and selling with the ultimate aim to achieve ‘flip’ 4 properties per year.

High-quality Renovation

The Quality of Renovation is very important. If you are to do this by yourself I could say the renovation of an apartment can cost you $180 per meter all the way up to 500$ per meter.

Generally, you do not want to try to make it cheap nor expensive, and you would want to buy high-quality materials at cheaper rates. That is where we come in, we already have the workers that are experienced from our own investments, we also have contractors and labor men from all nationalities, including Georgian, Russian, Turkish, Persian, and Azerbaijani workers, workers who are tested and proved to be trustworthy through good times and hardships, successful in the completion of our own quality controlled Sterling investments.

Renovation generally costs 200-250$ per square meter.

Our fees cost 20% of the cost of renovation and our services include:


At any given time you want, you may view or even live in any of Sterling’s properties so that you can fully understand our service and quality in renovation while also enjoying another service of ours, property management, where we offer your finished apartment to tourists, offering them a hotel-like experience. We furnish your apartments to international standards so that we may remain competitive in the daily rental market and meet the demands of our tourists and regulars.

Property Management

Be the first smart investor in Tbilisi to manage the health and security of your properties from anywhere in the world by simply picking up your smartphone.

Both you and our company will be able to create ”check-in to check-out” passcodes and there are even ”one-time entry passcodes” for cleaners. All these will be monitored through the smart camera. It is the turn of the new century. We no longer be your ”Eyes” and ”Ears” since you will be able to see everything from your smartphone making the level of trust in our services unbreakable.

You will be able to check your apartments’ health status or investment performance all from our special app and your fingertips.

For you to be able to enroll your property under our smart-property management care, you must be willing to accept your property to be under our care for a 3-year period.

Our property management services cost 25% of rental income

Property Management,

the SMART way

Sterling is the FIRST Real Estate company ever in Georgia to offer smart property management. With only an additional investment of 843 USD, we buy and install a smart-door and smart camera for you so that everything will be controllable from your smartphone.
We no longer need keys; keys don’t exist; your smart phone is the key!

Take adva

– Be ready to assist you in your property purchase at zero cost, in Tbilisi the sellers pay standard 3% commission to agencies and not you! So take advantage of our first-hand experience in the market and let us tell you the best way to go about real estate investing in Georgia.

– Introduce to you the best English speaking Accountant firm with competitive rates, this firm is approved by Sterling.

– Introduce to you the most reputable English speaking Attorney with an office in London as well.

– Introduce you to any other of our b2b connections in Georgia such as other investors, exchanges, bankers, our database extends to almost every sector.

Design Services

Our professional team is ready to give you international premium quality at your apartment’s doorstep in Tbilisi.

Sterling Swaps

We are offering swapping services should you wish to swap your property with another property in Tbilisi.

You and I both know that foreign property purchase has certain risks. That’s why we provide safe and profitable investment; we are here A-Z from taking you to your options, transfer of ownership title deeds, opening bank accounts if needed, and also help apply for your Tbilisi residency card. Join the Sterling Investors group today:


The Hub , Terenti Graneli 12



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