LLC Registration Package

LLC Registration Package

We now help foreigners establish a business and/or living in Tbilisi -making your life much easier. With our connections and process we make it very smooth, enjoyable and stress-free.


With just €650 you can

  • register your LLC company name and license
  • take your office legal address
  • acquire company tax identification number
  • officially activate your company
  • open your business account in top banks of Georgia
  • open your personal premium bank account in Georgia
  • register for your platinum business card
  • introduce to you the best personal banker and VIP bank in the city


And at no cost

– Be ready to assist you in your property purchase at zero cost, in Tbilisi the sellers pay standard 3% commission to agencies and not you! So take advantage of our first-hand experience in the market and let us tell you the best way to go about real estate investing in Georgia.

– Introduce to you the best English speaking Accountant firm with competitive rates, this firm is approved by Sterling.

– Introduce to you the most reputable English speaking Attorney with an office in London as well.

– Introduce you to any other of our b2b connections in Georgia such as other investors, exchanges, bankers, our database extends to almost every sector.


With the help of our connections, the time we will need to finish all of the above for you is only 2 days, and it will be two days spent with one of our staff, which is extremely useful for you if you are loaded with questions regarding Tbilisi history, art, culture, and real estate investment.


Welcome to Sterling’s membership

Welcome to our family.

We will jump start your journey in Tbilisi, and make this process very smooth, enjoyable and stress-free.