Villa Vake Complex

Villa Vake Complex

Villa Vake Complex

Kaklebi St, T'bilisi, Georgia

For Sale


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Sterling’s Property Advisors proudly presents exclusive fully furnished limited edition turn-key apartments in Villa Vake Complex, Kaklebi Street.

Villa Vake Complex is situated on Kaklebi Street in Vake, this building resides in a joyful 5 minute ride up a mountain, above Bagebi but below Tskneti, and there you are already, perfectly sitauted, not too high and not too low, enjoying breath taking views and fresh oxygen. Kaklebi is by far the most popular street for the wealthy, it is also home to many diplomats, businessmen, actors, musicians, artists and people filled with passion and inspiration. The area is home to large lavish villas, mansions and apartments overlooking the entire city of Tbilisi and at night you will feel like you are overlooking hundreds of thousands of bright city lights shining like yellow stars. Absolutely beautiful. This area has no more places to build and the price per sqm in this area has been increasing year after year. 

Villa Vake Complex is a gated community facilitating around 100 families. This complex has a Tennis court, Football Court, Swimming Pool, Mini-market, BBQ area, children’s playground and Gym. Beautiful family living area with fresh oxygen and nature all around you. You will feel the difference. 

It takes 5-7 minutes to get to Kaklebi from center of Vake, and it takes only about 3 minutes to get down to center.

The prices for apartments in Villa Vake Complex range from 1100-1800$/sqm for a finished apartment. The price depends on the condition of the apartment.

Black Frame Avg Price 850-900$/sqm

White Frame Avg Price 1050-1100$/sqm

Green Frame Avg Price 1100-1800$/sqm

Our market research and analysis shows that the prices will shoot up to 2200-2600$ per sqm and it can even reach the 3000 levels in the next 15 years.

Apartments that have the luxury of panorama city views are of course much harder to find available and thus are sold for premium price in the higher ends of the price range.

Apartment sizes available in this area range between 50sqm to 140sqm.

Studio (45sqm-60sqm)

One Bedroom (60-105sqm)

Two Bedrooms ( 94-120sqm )

Penthouse Loft ( 100-200sqm )

Duplex ( 200sqm – 220sqm )

If you are looking to buy a black or white frame apartment, from the minute we’ve agreed on the design it will take us 60 days to finish it for you. The price will cost 200-250$/sqm according to your preferences in materials used for flooring ( laminate , parkett , ceramic, porcelain, marble stone ) and such.

The rental returns of properties here go from USD 800 monthly all the way put to USD 2000 monthly

If you like this property but you do not have all the cash ready, there are financing options available such as bank loans, offering 50% down payment and the other 50% over 10 years paying USD 500 monthly. Meaning if you have a long term tenant in your apartment for anything more than USD 500 that will be money in your pocket. This property is the exact definition of a Real Estate Piggy Bank and there are only a few of these type of deals out there. If you need more information about how this works or the step by step process you could send us an email or visit our Office.



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Receive more information regarding this property through +995551071121

Floor Plans

Vake View Loft Apartment


2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms


Rare loft apartment on the last floor of Vake Views in Villa Vake Complex. One and only of its kind. Italian furniture.

Open floorplan
German Glass to ceiling windows
White marbles
Walk-in Sauna
Walk-in Shower
Walk-in Closet
Lagoon / Jacuzzi

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Villa Vake Complex

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