Tbilisi Waterfall

Tbilisi Waterfall

Tbilisi Waterfall

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Tbilisi Waterfall is a luxurious five star hotel located 15 minutes away from the center of Tbilisi. The Project costs 18,000,000 USD and it has just about every single facility and amenities to keep the hotel guests inside the hotel. But what does that mean for investors? Why should you invest in a Hotel?

According to World Bank 2019 statistics, Georgia had an increase of 4.6% GDP and is expected to hit 5%. The capital city, Tbilisi, is booming in tourism and hotel. In recent years there was a shortage of hotel rooms in Peak season, the famous Georgian summer. Tbilisi has been receiving millions of foreigners.

Investing in a Hotel property in Tbilisi Waterfall is like investing in Tbilisi’s hotel sector. They immediately guarantee you 5 years of 10-11% ROI. You will be allowed to use your room 2 weeks every year. For the rest of the days, it will be managed by the hotel and so it is strictly for investment and passive income purposes only.

The project is scheduled for completion in Quarter 2 2020. In total, there are 17 floors and 163 apartments.

Facilities & Amenities

  • Fitness Centre
  • Health Spa & Sauna
  • Cinema Theatre
  • Business Conference Room
  • Indoor & Outdoor Restaurants
  • Swimming pool
  • Roof top terrace and Infinity pool

Another advantage in investing in Tbilisi Waterfall is that your investment is fully furnished and equipped from the start to meet Design and Hotel Standards.

Tbilisi Waterfall is expected to have an occupancy rate of 70-80% depending upon the season.

For full cash payments you can receive up to ten percent discount. And If you do not have the full cash ready you may enter a payment plan system or finance through the bank.

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Tbilisi Waterfall

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