Property Tour
See investment opportunities through trained eyes. Get in, get around, and get out knowledgable with the ins and outs of the city.

Why is our Property Tour different from the others? 

  • Very exclusive – A maximum 3 investors per tour. 
  • We aren’t pushing you to buy anything during this tour nor are we selling you a specific developer/seller deal.
  • We are taking you on an educational tour explaining why and how the properties are priced the way they are.
  • We are educating you on the districts of Tbilisi and the history behind them.
  • We are educating you on the price per sqm in the different districts and how to tell the difference between a good deal and a bad deal.
  • We are telling you the latest experience and info based off of what our customers are buying and giving you real-data on the properties we manage.
  • Transportation, Fuel, and Post-Tour Dining is on us! 
  • Potential Bonus: Meet Sanan Sanani, the founder of this company and a Millionaire Real Estate investor who went from owning 0 properties to over 2500 sq.m of tbilisi real estate in 5 years.