Property Management

Property Management

Property Management, the SMART way 

Sterling is the FIRST Real Estate company ever in Georgia to offer smart property management.

With only an additional investment of 843 USD, we buy and install a smart-door and smart camera for you so that everything will be controllable from your smartphone.

We no longer need keys; keys don’t exist; your smart phone is the key!

Both you and our company will be able to create ”check-in to check-out” pass codes and there is even ”one-time entry passcodes” for cleaners. All which will be monitored through the smart-camera. It is the turn of the new century. We no longer to be your ”Eyes” and ”Ears” since you will be able to see everything from your smartphone making the level of trust in our services unbreakable.

You will be able to check your apartments’ health status or investment performance all from our special app and your fingertips.

For you to be able to enroll your property under our smart-property management care, you must be willing to accept your property to be under our care for a 3-year period.

Our property management services cost 25% of rental income

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