Property Inspection Report
Upon your request, our local property expert visits the project you wish to purchase or invest in and inspects for any potential problems.

What is a Property Inspection Report? 

No two people view the world in quite the same way. So whether you view your world through the shiny prism of a new house or the quiet comfort of a pre-existing home, currently own a Tbilisi property or have a property under contract, Sterling pledges to provide a professional inspection report. We can enable an informed decision; facilitating most any inspection concern (addressing your assigned inspection purpose).

Our experience includes homes in all price ranges, styles, and sizes. We encourage questions from our clients at any time during the home inspection, including before the inspection, during the scheduled appointment, and even days or weeks after the inspection is completed.

Our service costs $350 including VAT equivalent to the rate of National Bank of Georgia. 


If you need financing, we can help you out in several ways. 

We are the go-between of the best banks in the city, and it is guaranteed you will get the best mortgage rates through us. 

You can present your deal to Sanan for a 50/50 partnership and he might be interested in providing 50-70% of property value. 

Got the financing approved or a partnership in the making? Book a strategy session with Sanan himself to see the best way you can structure your partnership or creative financing. 


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