Property Improvement Service
Simple yet effective strategies for increasing the value of your real estate holdings without spending significant amounts of money.

Do you own an Ugly Duckling? We can fix that for you in 4 easy steps!


  • 1. We will visit your project and hear your thoughts on what you wish to do to improve it. (1000 GEL) 
  • 2. We will give you our thoughts on how you can improve it with minimal costs
  • 3. We will calculate the costs for you and give you a renovation schedule (2000 GEL) 
  • 4. We will measure, hire, purchase materials, deliver, demolish, clean up, remodel, deep clean, perform snag works and finally hand over the apartment to you! (Our service charge costs 20% of hand work + materials) 

NOTE: If you decide to take our home improvement service, costs from step 1 & 3 will be deducted from our service charge. The up front payment has been put to filter out time wasters. Our company also holds a zero tolerance policy for passive aggressive clients and micro managers and will happily pause the renovation and return your money if we hear complaints from our team or dissatisfaction from our client. 



Head Office: The Hub , Terenti Graneli 12

Back Office: Villa Vake Complex, Tbilisi, Georgia


+995 551 071 121



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