Projects of Large Scale in Georgia

Children’s cancer center in Tbilisi

Anaklia City

Batumi and ORBI


City in the City

Tbilisi Hills

18-hole golf course

Sustainably designed

The Chinese Tbilisi Sea City

Panorama Tbilisi


Since Georgia has become one of the top destinations for tourists from all around the world, it has been more than a decade that foreign investment has changed the future of the country dramatically. The economic boom in 2004, the formation of Georgian Dream, and attracting huge capitals for investment in Georgia has led to the market of real estate becoming one of the most popular choices for investors.

There are numerous projects going on in the country right now. We are going to mention a few here. So, if you are looking for investing in real estate in Georgia, read carefully!


Children’s cancer center in Tbilisi

Children’s cancer center in Tbilisi

The construction of the first children’s oncology center has begun in Tbilisi on the base of the existing Jo Ann medical center in the Digomi district of Tbilisi; Zurabishvili, current Georgian president, has stated. “It is a historic step.”

Zurabishvili stated that USAID funded the first phase of the project with $700,000. Later, this project will be carried out with the support of Global Healing and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St. Jude is leading the way the world that understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. They have spent more than half a century finding cures and saving children, and our groundbreaking research has helped push the survival rate for childhood cancer from 20% in 1962 to more than 80% today.

In addition, she stated that cancer in children is a serious problem in Georgia and the state should help the children and their families. Zurabishvili promised to push forward the issue of the center at her meetings both inside and outside the state to ensure all types of support for the project.


Anaklia City

Anaklia City in Georgia

Strategically, construction of a new port in Anaklia will provide favorable conditions for the development of logistics centers and industrial zones, what will significantly increase cargo turnover on Georgia’s territory. What is most important, the project will have positive social-economical impact on western Georgia – thousands of new jobs will be created.

The sponsor of the project is Anaklia Development Consortium LLC (TBC Holdings and Conti Group). Its total value is $ 2.5 billion; out of this, 586 million will be invested in the construction of the first phase. The state will hand over 1000 hectares of land with long-term lease to the state investor and will provide the construction of the road and railway linked to the port. The port will be built in 9 phases and its annual capacity will reach 100 million tons of cargo. The state gives the status of a free industrial zone for the surrounding territory of the port.


Batumi and ORBI

One of the biggest investors Georgia has seen in its history of construction and building development is ORBI. Anyone who has been to Batumi has seen the magnificence of Orbi towers, and their projects are still ongoing both in Batumi and Tbilisi.

“Batumi will be one of the best places in the world in the next 4-5 years!” said Donald Trump when asked about economic growth in Georgia. “It’s just wonderful when we talk about growth in Georgia, which is around 10%, compared to 1% or 2% that we have in the US.” It’s the truth. Batumi has got breathtaking nature, and it is growing economically day by day thanks to foreign investment.

If you are thinking about investing in real estate but hesitant about benefits, Orbi is the one for you. The prices may seem too high or ambitious at first, but don’t forget, the bigger the investment, the bigger the benefit.

Batumi and ORBI in Georgia

Orbi has been successfully active in the business of real estate for 20 years. They have more than 6000 employees and clients from 72 different countries from all over the world. Their real estate portfolio exceeds 3 million square meters.

ORBI CITY; The Largest Hotel Complex in the World in the heart of Batumi Source: https://orbigroup.ge/orbi-city-en

Apartments in ORBI CITY are:

  • one of the largest hotels in the world
  • the first line to the sea
  • only 50 meters away from the beach
  • in the heart of Batumi.
  • fabulous panoramic views of the sea

Apartments in the 5-star Hotel Complex ORBI CITY are your fully owned properties and income generating business. You can stay in your apartment during your vacation or rent it out either by yourself or through ORBI GROUP management company. And you can control the process online. The tourist boom in Batumi, premium 1st seashore line location and infrastructure of ORBI CITY will ensure high occupancy all year round.

class=”t509__title t-heading t-heading_xs t-margin_auto”>City in the City

ORBI CITY has a concept of “city in the city” with a developed infrastructure that meets the highest modern standards. There will be a shopping center with well-known international brands, indoor and outdoor pools, spa, fitness, cafes and restaurants, shops, concert and conference halls, entertainment centers and playgrounds, co-working space, green areas, underground parking and much more. ORBI CITY infrastructure will cover about 200 thousand square meters.

Tbilisi Hills

The perfect synergy between beautiful Georgian nature and perennial Estonian experience in real estate development has created a unique place called “The Tbilisi Hills”. The project is divided into two major parts:

Georgia’s first 18-hole championship golf course

Tbilisi Hills and its major golf course in Georgia

The golf course is specifically designed to accommodate both seasoned professionals and absolute beginners. There are no artificial obstacles, which makes it easily accessible to novices. Yet several narrow fairways, angled greens, and strategically placed bunkers will pose a substantial challenge for any experienced player.

Surrounded by unforgettable views of the city and beautiful nature, it’s a unique location for playing golf. Interestingly, thanks to warm local climate, the playing conditions are welcoming almost all year round. This extraordinary golf course has been designed by utilization of the latest technology and passion of the craft. As a result, it is going to be one of the best golf courses in Europe.

This project so far has attracted more that 100 million GEL ( roughly $34 million) from inside and outside Georgia. As a result of water irrigation and natural gas distribution systems, an extensive road network (more than 30 kilometer of asphalted road) as well as a five-megawatt substation were part of the construction from the ground up.

With striking views and modern architecture, the Tbilisi Hills Gold Academy building is the ideal place for celebrating a successful game in the company of your friends and loved ones.

Sustainably designed residential quarters in a one-of-a-kind location

Designed by renowned international and Georgian architects, Tbilisi Hills residential buildings offer distinct Nordic-Scandinavian aesthetics. By that we mean that great importance has been given to natural light and its distribution within the entire structure.

The development plan of the project, together with the environmental topography, makes a very close link to the existing nature that creates sharp contrasts with the city’s overloaded center. Each residential building offers a tailored environment, blending first-class accommodation with cutting-edge technology and plenty of outdoor space.

The Chinese Tbilisi Sea City

Tbilisi sea

Founded in 1988 in China, Xinjiang Hualing Industry & Trade (Group) Co., Ltd. is a leading private enterprise in the development, construction, nurturing, and operation of large-scale commodity markets. This company has made several investments in foreign trade, development of natural resources, industrial production, animal husbandry, and mining. The total surface area of its commercial property amounts to more than 2 million square meters.

The Hualing Market Complex consists of
  • The Grand Hualing International Trade and Commerce Plaza: 320 thousand square meters
  • The Hualing Trade Center: 210 thousand square meters
  • The Hualing Ceramic Sanitary Ware City: 300 thousand square meters
to name just a few.
In 2007, Hualing began to invest in Georgia, totaling nearly 100 million USD, in the areas of deforestation, timber processing, mining, and free industrial zones. This creates a win-win situation. Not only does Hualing prosper, but it also brings employment and tax revenues to the local people and government. It has made a great contribution to the economic growth of Georgia.
Moreover in terms of regional economic development, Hualing’s projects helped to pave the way for trade among China, Georgia, and the neighboring countries.
Hualing International special Economic Zone is the name of a huge project by the Tbilisi sea. It will promote regional economic development and urban growth. The overall plan is one axis, two wings, and three districts: The Market & Commercial District, The Residential District, and The Recreational District.
For more info, visit http://hualing.ge/language/en/

Panorama Tbilisi

Sololaki Gardens (Panorama Tbilisi)

Which is also known as Sololaki Gardens is a multi-functional project Georgian Co-Investment Fund (GCF) and Bidzina Ivanishvili, former prime minister of Georgia, have funded together. This humongous construction consists of four centers stretching from the heart of Tbilisi, Freedom Square, to Sololaki mountain. It is one of the biggest projects ever, especially among private ones in Georgia and will include

  • hotels
  • service apartments
  • offices
  • exhibition centers
  • conference halls
  • health and leisure centers
  • sports arenas
  • swimming pools

Most significantly, this 270-thousand-square-meter project started in 2014 with an estimated budget of half a billion dollars. Now, the project is worth more than $6 billion in total.

“Bended lifts, rope ways, architectural and technical components of the projects give us the right to say that Panorama Tbilisi will become the calling card of the capital city,” said Bachiashvili, Georgian Co-Investment Fund’s (GCF) chief executive, in an interview with agenda.ge.

“The multi-functional complex includes five and four-star hotels, hotel-type apartments, trade and office spaces, exhibition and conference halls. Also, sports facilities and other types of necessary amenities are in the plan to provide guests with a complete service.” George Bachiashvili added.

“I believe the project is the best example of “green architecture” as more than 30 000 new trees will be planted surrounding the new facilities. Plus, the complex also has the capacity to accommodate 1800 vehicles in its parking space.”

Finally, for more info on Panorama Tbilisi and investment you can make necessary inquiries on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PanoramaTbilisi1/