The best places in Georgia to visit in any of the four seasons

If you are one of those who like to just close their eyes, pack their bags in a split-second and go on a trip, then this post is not for you. But if you want to make the most of your trip, then you have to plan it.

So, are you planning to visit Georgia on your next trip? Welcome, we are here to help you find what is best in Georgia.

In this article, we are going to sort the best places to visit in Georgia by four different seasons of the year. You can visit Georgia in any month of the year you find best.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into one of the most beautiful and tourist-absorbing European countries we know: Georgia.

Spring: From March to May

It goes without saying that when choosing the traveling times, spring months are always the king. Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia are no different; try to pack your bag for Georgia when it’s spring there. But hey, be ready for rainfalls in some areas as well, especially during the latter months of spring.

Explore the Botanical Garden

If you need calm and extremely eye-catching nature, pay a visit to Botanical Garden. At the end of April, the trees there are in their most beautiful form and start to blossom. There are roughly 3,500 various types of plants in this garden where you can sit, walk, read and do anything to make you feel fresh and calm. There are a few waterfalls too that are certainly worth a visit.

Georgia Botanical Garden

Have a look at the former capital of Georgia

It is a small city called Mtskheta, having its reputation for being the former capital of Georgia. It is one of the oldest cities in the country. Mtskheta can be a one-day short trip from Tbilisi in your plan. Svetitskoveli Cathedral and Jvari Monastery are two of the must-see places here, then keep them in mind. The city is located around 20 kilometers north of Tbilisi. Mtskheta is known as one of the most significant centers of Christianity in the country and was officially known as the “Holy City” by the Georgian Orthodox Church in 2014.

mtkheda capital of georgia

Don’t miss attractive waterfalls in Tsalka

Do not forget to put Tsalka and Dashbashi canyons in your travel schedule. The emerald green waterfalls are absolutely jaw-dropping. Keep in mind that springs here are a bit cold, but the landmarks are definitely worth a stay. Dashbashi and Tsalka canyons are doubtless some of the most beautiful monuments in Georgia, remaining green and fresh throughout the whole year. No one will blame you if you call there the paradise on earth.


See Kakheti, the most famous wine region in Georgia

Kakheti is a popular wine-producing region in Georgia. In Kakheti, you can enjoy the tours in vineyards and visit chateaus, factories, and grounds. There are many more places to visit in Kakheti as well; you can see beautiful historic landmarks, villages, and cities, aimlessly wander in Sighnagi’s cobblestone streets and please your eyes with enchanting views in Alazani Valley. If you are a photographer, this is the right destination for you. Of other famous highlights of the region, you should remember Bodbe Monastery and David Gareja monastery complex.


Oh, and hey, visit the Black Sea resort city: Batumi

Batumi is the second-largest city of Georgia and has the amazing privilege of locating on the coast of the Black Sea. Batumi is for sure one of the best tourism poles in Georgia. Apart from being attractive, Batumi is famous for gambling too; they call it “The Las Vegas of the Black Sea.” In spring, Batumi is less crowded, making spring a preference over summer for traveling. If you are planning to visit Batumi, note that nothing better than Argo Cable Car can show you the wide views of this city.


Summer: From June to August

The temperature may vary between 20 and 30 degrees centigrade in summers of Georgia. Nonetheless, it is pleasantly warm. Georgia in summers is frequently teeming with tourists. Bear in mind that coastal areas are humid and the capital is almost hot during summer.

Attend the Tbilisi Open Air music festival

This is the most known music festival throughout the entire country. Tbilisi Open Air festival is held every year in June and covers mostly electronic and rock music genres. The festival lasts for three to four days outside the city and has so far brought many famous artists to Georgia.


Make sure you visit some of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia

Georgia is always known as the birthplace of gigantic mountains. But there are many absolutely brilliant lakes in the country too. If you have enough time, go to the banks of one or two of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Bateti, Kelitsadi, Keli, Paravani, Paliastomi, Abudelauri, Tobavarchkhili and Mtsvane are some of the most famous lakes in Georgia.


Make an appointment with “Joseph Stalin” at Gori

The town of Gori is not so far from Tbilisi, only 86 km away. You can make it a one-day trip if you like to pay a visit to this town. The town is only famous for being the birthplace of “Joseph Stalin.” His house is there and has been turned into a museum holding important documents and information about him. If you like history and care about the past, the town of Gori awaits you.


Visit Stepantsminda and its church

Stepantsminda is a town near Tbilisi and a popular destination during summer. Apart from showcasing some of the highest peaks in the whole of Georgia, Stepantsminda possesses a beautiful church in the name of Gergheti Trinity Church. The church is at the bottom of the Kazbegi mountain, still being 2,170 meters above sea level. There are absolutely picturesque scenes of the church and the area itself.


Stay away from all urban life and meet Svaneti

If you are fed up with cities and the crowd, pack your luggage and get ready to get lost in the simplicity and beauty of Svaneti. It is one of the most rural areas in the country. There are high peaks in the area along with medieval defense towers and fabulous museums illustrating the life and culture of the locals. Do not miss Ushguli village in Svaneti that is the highest populated area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Svaneti is a good beautiful destination for any traveler, yet being “the best” for any hiker; the area provides them with many hiking trails.


Autumn: From September to November

Like any other country, Georgia in autumn is a branch of heaven. There are frequent rainfalls during autumn in Georgia. Basically, the season starts with warm days almost like summer, but it continues to get colder. During September you can still enjoy hiking and outdoor activities. All the same, you have to limit your plans to indoor activities as the season is about to finish. Autumn in Georgia is generally the wet season, then you better manage your clothing well while enjoying the multi-colored nature.

Explore the beauties of Bateti Lake

Lakes are always charming and when it is autumn, those surrounded by golden trees are showing off definitely eye-catching scenes no artist can paint. The Bateti lake is one small of them, located in Kareli Municipality, near the village of Kodmani. You can go there by driving. Bateti is in its most beautiful format in autumn. The supernatural reflection of natural colors on the lake can drive any observer crazy.


Drop yourself in Sulphur Baths

Sulphur Baths are famous in Tbilisi. They are located in the old town, the district of Abanotubani. As you know, Sulphur can act as a medicine for your skin and overall health. The baths water has a pleasing temperature (around 40 degrees centigrade) and you can enjoy a good massage afterward.


Forget Switzerland, visit Racha: The Georgian Switzerland

The label itself can simply explain what the region looks like. Located in the north-west of Georgia, the Racha region has fresh air, rainbow-like nature and high mountains. You can ride horses there, test various wines and stargaze. The region is classified into three parts: lower, upper and mountain Racha, each having their own specific attractions; from hospitable people and great wines to high villages and hiking.


Go to Shaori Lake

Georgia benefits from many picturesque lakes, and Shaori Lake is one of them. It is located in the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions. Shaori is a reservoir as well, and being as long as 2.7 kilometers makes it one of the most important reservoirs in the country. The best time to visit Shaori Lake is autumn when the surrounding forest turns into a mixture of warm colors.

Hike to Black Rock Lake

Black Rock Lake is located in the Lagodekhi National Park, offering amazing views of the alpine zone during autumn. You have to pass the deep lush forest on the steep mountains to ultimately see the most beautiful views there. Then continue walking to the alpine zone of the National Park to reach the lake. The altitude of Black Rock Lake is 3,000 meters above sea level.


Winter: From December to February

Georgia in winter is really chilly. That is what makes it a great destination for winter sports enthusiasts. If you like skiing, then visit Georgia in winter. Throughout the winter, the temperature varies between 2 and 6 degrees centigrade. Nights are even colder with usually lower than zero degrees.

Walk through Vardzia

Locating in the south of the country, Vardzia is a cave town full of churches, shrines and beautiful frescoes. The town is excavated beside Erusheti Mountain near the bank of Kura River. It was mainly constructed during the twelfth century. If you go there, make sure to pay a visit to The Church of the Dormition in which beautiful wall paintings can please your eyes. The caves in Vardzia stretch along the cliff for around five hundred meters. Vardzia is always beautiful, and it is even more beautiful when covered in heavy snow.


No fun plan can beat skiing in Gudauri when in winter

Yes, you are right; winter and skiing are connected like a chain. Skiers must without a doubt allocate a weekend or two to skiing in Gudauri. It is so crowded most of the time. While skiing in Gudauri, open your eyes widely and do not miss beautiful views of Caucasus Mountain Range. Try to challenge your skiing friend in Gudauri. The area is 2,200 meters above sea level, with enjoyable exposure to the sunlight.


Pamper yourself with a stay at Zuruldi hotel, just above the clouds

Zuruldi hotel, located in Svaneti region, is the highest restaurant and hotel in the whole of Georgia, on top of the Zuruldi Mountain. The altitude is 2,340 meters above the sea, ensuring you of having unforgettable views up there. You can reach Zuruldi just by cable car, and the journey itself is a great experience.

17 Zuruldi hotel

Experience riding a Kukushka

Kukushka is a railway train that connects Borjomi to Bakuriani, another well-known skiing resort in the country. When on the way, you can see fantastic views of a snow-covered forest. Additionally, there is a famous bridge you can pass over, which was constructed by the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel.


Slide over the frozen lake of Paravani

Paravani volcanic lake is the biggest lake in the country. This lake is beautiful in other months of the year too, but it is the best in winter when it freezes completely and everywhere is white. Paravani Lake is 2,073 meters above sea level and the thickness of the ice over it ranges from 47 to 73 cm. The lake gets its water essentially from snow, rainfalls and underground springs.


The bottom line

Keep in mind that some regions introduced in this article are delightful enough to visit in other months as well. Georgia is packed with beautiful sights and landscapes, making you never regret going there.