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Found a sweet deal but haven’t got the funding? Thanks to his close-knit network of banks and investors, Sanan will finance your deal.

Have you found a great real estate investment but you haven’t got the entire financing? Sanan is ready to provide 50-70% of the capital if it meets his lending or partnership criteria! There are two ways this could go down:

1. Hard Money Loan

Sanan lends you the money and you are 100% of the owner, with a promissory note and lien on your property title deed showing you are indebted to Sanan for providing you the capital. Loan period is 1 year to 5 years and the interest is higher.

2. 50/50 Partnership

You provide 30% of the capital required to purchase the investment and Sanan brings the remaining 70% through his line of credit. Meaning his income and properties will be the main guarantor of the loan and he will be the co-borrower, making the investment absolutely risk-free for both you and the bank.


Head Office: The Hub , Terenti Graneli 12

Back Office: Villa Vake Complex, Tbilisi, Georgia


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