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Do you want to make new connections and sales in Georgia? The best way is to participate in exhibitions. In general, exhibition is a display of different items. The goal of every fair is to catch the eye of any interested parties. They give you the chance to show your brand or product in the […]

Do you want to make new connections and sales in Georgia? The best way is to participate in exhibitions. In general, exhibition is a display of different items. The goal of every fair is to catch the eye of any interested parties. They give you the chance to show your brand or product in the best possible way. They play an important role in trading and marketing. So, exhibitions are a certain part of marketing and promotions. Then, by the help of exhibitions, you can make direct links with other buyers and sellers.

We are heading to give you a calendar of the exhibitions in Georgia. In Georgian fairs, you will meet different local and global businesses. It is easy to find hotels in all the cities of Georgia and stay there as participants or guests. Although we made our efforts to make an up-to-date list, plans can change unawares and without prior notice. So, please contact the organizers before making any arrangements.

In this article, you will read about the following exhibitions in different months of the year 2020:

February 2020

March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

September 2020

November 2020

December 2020

February 2020:


This is the only exhibition in this month and happens once a year. This international fair is for high and professional studies, Overseas studies and students’ services. You can join this fair in Tbilisi at the Expo Georgia Trade Fair Center. It is in two days: 28 February 2020 and 29 February 2020.

The goal of this event is to present the chance for study programs in Georgia and other countries. This Georgian Fair is one of the most successful, varied, instructive and famous educative events. It is the greatest one throughout the region as well. It is a good attraction for future students and concerned parents. This is good for academics and teaching staff as well as experts from the education and its related fields.

Contact info: 118 Tsereteli Avenue. 0119, Tbilisi, Georgia, https://www.facebook.com/InternationalEducationFairGeorgia/.

International Education Fair of Georgia

March 2020:


This exhibition is in two days from 13 March 2020 to 14 March 2020. It is going to be held in Tbilisi. Tourism development is increasing in Georgia day after day. So, this fair has the chance to be an international hub for the tourism industry in Caucasus. If your company is related to the tourism industry, this exhibition gives you the chance to promote your occupation. You can market your products to all involved in the industry as well as the public. It is also fruitful for exploring tourism investment chances in Georgia and get access to exhibitors and suppliers from Georgia and all over the world.

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center, 118 Tsereteli Avenue. 0119, Tbilisi, Georgia, http://www.tourismexpo.ge.

Caucasus Tourism Fair

April 2020:


This global exhibition is special in construction, renovation, furnishing, and design. They hold it from 30 April 2020 to 3 May 2020. A lot of exhibitors and attendees from the construction industry and local government gather to hold this fair.

The Georgian construction industry is booming. So, participating in this exhibition gives you a golden chance to get in touch with major contractors, developers, and suppliers from Georgia. Caucasus allows you to benefit from an experienced and professionally planned trade event.  Some privileges of this fair are:

  1. Boosting retail sales
  2. Communicating with government representatives
  3. Finding and meeting direct buyers

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center, 118 Tsereteli Avenue. 0119, Tbilisi, Georgia, http://www.buildexpo.ge.

Caucasus Build

May 2020:


This trade show is in the Sheraton Hotel in Batumi. It is for the tourism and hospitality industry in Georgia. It happens once a year from 8 May 2020 to 10 May 2020. Tourism is like a boom in Georgian cities. So, more and more attendees are joining this fair year by year. Local and foreign companies, hotel chains, representatives of different companies occupied in hotel environments, decorations, restaurants, and tourism take part in Expo Batumi. Advantages of this event are:

  1. Planned advertising
  2. Informational tours
  3. Meeting mass media representatives

Contact info: Sheraton Hotel Batumi, 26-28 Rustaveli Avenue, Batumi 6000, Georgia. http://expobatumitravel.ge/eindex.html.

Expo Batumi Travel

5) Tbilisi Art Fair-TAF

An international contemporary art fair that is focusing on emerging and mid-carrier artists from the Caucasus, eastern and central Europe. If you are an artist, collector or gallery owner, this fair is the best place for you. Here you can find out dynamic art scenes from different countries like Iran, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland and more. Creating sales, local and international perspective, networking, exhibition projects, institutional partnerships, and artist stimulus are TAF goals. To be aware of the exact date and to get more information about this international fair, check out the link below:

Contact info: Exhibition center ExpoGeorgia, 118 Tsereteli avenue, 0119 Tbilisi, Georgia. https://tbilisiartfair.art.

Tbilisi Art Fair-TAF

June 2020:


An attractive fair that is appropriate for people whose job is related to food processing, wine, spirits, viticulture, enology, and beer. As it is the only wine and spirits fair in Georgia, it’s a unique opportunity for producers and exporters to make their related businesses successful. It occurs once a year in Tbilisi from 05 Jun 2020 to 07 Jun 2020. This international fair provides attendees with wine production, wine education, and services. The goal of WINEXPO is to make a bigger number of bars and give exhibitors and visitors better experiences. To make a promising business partnership, find fruitful connections with other companies and learn about the latest trends on wines and spirits are the highlights of this international exhibition.

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center,118 Tsereteli avenue, Tbilisi, 0119. http://www.winexpo.ge .


September 2020:

7) CIS Ferroalloys Markets Conference

This is a good event for you if your business is related to steel products, pipes, and changing market conditions. This conference is held in the Biltmore Hotel in Tbilisi. Unfortunately, the exact date is not declared yet. Organizers of this event are Business Forum LLC and Metal Expert. For more information about this exhibition, you can check out these links: http://metalexpert-group.com/. http://www.b-forum.com/en.

Address: 29 Shota Rustaveli Avenue, Tbilisi 0108. http://millenniumhotels.com/.

CIS Ferroalloys Markets Conference

November 2020:


This once-in-a-year exhibition is going to take place in November in Tbilisi. It is an international fair for agro, food, drink products, and food processing equipment. Participating in this event will give you a good chance to launch new products and services on emerging Caucasian Markets. Visitors are international, local and high-quality experts. This fair has become the most outstanding event in agriculture in the country of Georgia. It offers endless opportunities to its visitors. Besides the exhibition, there will be seminars and workshops with a related subject. This international fair occurred 20-22 November 2019. To be aware of the exact date in 2020, check out the links below:

Contact info: ExpoGeorgia Exhibition Center,118 Tsereteli avenue, Tbilisi. http://agroexpo.ge/?lang=en.

Agro, Food, Drinks and Tech Expo Georgia


An international fair for medical technology and equipment, aesthetic medicine, dentistry, and dental equipment in Tbilisi. This new show is taken from the two long-lasting exhibitions of Expo Georgia, CAUCASUS HEALTHCARE and TBILISI BEAUTY. You can get the opportunity to promote your projects, launch new products and services and have the chance to meet local and professional experts, manufacturers and buyers. For more information, check the contact info out.

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center118 Tsereteli avenue, Tbilisi, 0119. http://tbilisihealthforum.ge/.

THF – Tbilisi Health Forum


A four-day business show is a joint project of the Book Art Center Tbilisi and Expo Georgia. Georgian readers will benefit from this cultural, educational fair. The goal of this festival is to unite the efforts of all creative, state, non-government, international and commercial players within and around the Georgian book section.  For more information about this event, check the following links:

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center118 Tsereteli avenue, Tbilisi, 0119.  http://bookexpo.ge/?lang=en#.

Tbilisi Book Days

December 2020:


If you are a producer or a distributor and your business is related to the energy and telecommunication sectors, join this fair to get to meet other local and international suppliers of products and services in Tbilisi, Georgia. This exhibition is a platform for the energy industry to meet and share information on the challenges related businesses face. Electrical and electro technical engineering, energy production and transportation, measurement and testing, industrial controllers, computers equipment and services for banks and offices all are related industries to this exhibition.

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center118 Tsereteli avenue, Tbilisi, 0119. http://www.elcommexpo.ge/.

ELCOMM Caucasus


Last year, this exhibition was held in two days 6 & 7 December 2019 in Tbilisi. The fair focuses on the company’s news, products, and services of the education and training industry. The goal of this event is to make a program of an international standard for primary and secondary education. With the help of this exhibition, parents and students can plan their learning process, avoid mistakes, save their own time and energy, and get a quality education. For more information, take a look at this link:

Contact info: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center118 Tsereteli avenue, Tbilisi, 0119. http://www.expogeorgia.ge.

School Fair


To sum up, joining different events and exhibitions related to your business or line of investment is the best way to make a promising occupation or investment in Georgia. Networking is the most important advantage of participating in local and international fairs in Tbilisi and Batumi; knowing people and creating bonds is of paramount importance in doing business in Georgia.

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