Don’t list your property with any broker in Tbilisi

Why You Should Not List Your Property with Just Any Broker in Tbilisi!

With so many real estate agencies and brokers contacting owners in and around Tbilisi, it can get really frustrating for any landlord to find the right one that can get the job done.

The main reasons to list your property with a broker should be clear: they have better access to potential clients. They also have the time and ability to communicate with both parties to make sure it’s a good match. A property owner may frequently have only one property to offer and therefore will try to make it fit, even if it’s not quite right for the client. A broker who has multiple properties can select those that work best for the client, making sure that everyone is happy with the results.


Why a Broker


Contracts and more



Final Word – personal experience



Why a Broker?

A good broker has the experience and tools needed to create a quality listing. By utilizing a properly taken photo (not out of focus cell phone shots), they can highlight a property’s best features. This can also help to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises when someone comes to view it in person. With these skills, they can create a listing that will attract more views and therefore more leads. This is extremely important when it comes to getting your property shown to qualified interested parties. Otherwise, you could waste a great deal of time, effort and money, waiting for someone.

Furthermore, the broker has multiple properties displayed for people to browse through. Everyone is aware that having choices is a valuable feature for any type of sale. This is why Coca Cola has so many flavors and options. If you only have one or two properties showing online, then there tends to be a much greater chance that someone will move on to a different listing that gives them a greater selection. These options, combined with their more professional listing presentation means that you will have the best chance for a successful result, be it a sale or rental.

At the same time, it can also be a mistake to give people too many choices; like Coca Cola’s Coke and then ‘New Coke’. The new one was not successful and was dropped right away. In a similar way, you can devalue your property by listing it on too many sites. It can create an impression of desperation and that there might be something wrong with the property. It is better to settle on one reliable agency that will put the time and effort into taking proper care of you, instead of a shotgun approach with too many clients to do a good job for.

A good broker has the experience and tools needed to create a quality listing.



Knowing what to say and what not to say is one of the most difficult skills to master. Interestingly enough, this is one of the areas where the broker can really shine. They won’t take it personally if someone makes a less than flattering comment about your property (possibly a house you grew up in or have some other emotional attachment to) and instead can steer them in a more positive direction. By pre-qualifying the potential buyer, they know what’s important to them and can emphasize these features and qualities, instead of blindly asking questions and hoping they are the right ones. They will also know what’s important to you, the owner, and not waste your time with someone who does not have the right qualities or finances to meet your requirements.

Providing skilled communication with both parties and raising awareness are two other important factors here. In other words, the broker is looking out for both parties’ interests in the best way possible to facilitate a deal. When a seller is nervous or uncomfortable with the deal, the buyer may experience some trust issues, hence become reluctant to go ahead with any deal. In such a circumstance, the broker has the confidence that comes with experience and an awareness of what both parties want. As a result, the broker steps in and move the deal forward smoothly and easily. When dealing with someone from another country, this can specially be critical.

Good presentation is another skill that takes time to develop. Lack of this skill can be a real handicap for an owner who’s showing their own property. The broker knows how to showcase the more positive features, both in photos and in person. This is invaluable when it comes to giving the client the confidence that they are being taken care of and can safely rely on the information being provided.

your broker knows what to say and what not to say to benefit you.


Contracts and More

When it comes to information, there are arguably few things more important than the legal considerations. This area can be a minefield of potential problems for both the owner and the renter. The skilled broker is an expert in this area with years of experience. They will have the proper contracts (possibly even being translated it into another language) with the correct wording and the ability to answer any questions that may come up. Georgia has too many laws and regulations for someone who does not deal with the law on daily basis; not knowing these can lead to terrible consequences. You want to be safe and secure with the fact that you have an experienced and qualified representative who can make sure all aspects of the law are covered.

In addition, the buyer is going to feel much more confident that the broker is going to have the knowledge necessary to protect them, and this helps build the trust that is so helpful to ‘seal the deal’. If there are any questions, they know they can get the answers they need. We all agree how valuable this comfort is for both the buyer/tenant and the seller.

The skilled broker is an expert in contracts and legal matters with years of experience.



Never underestimate the power and impact of good service. Even more so when dealing with foreigners. it’s important to understand how they think and what’s important to them. It takes a special kind of person to be aware of multiple cultural concerns. For example, there’s the fact that Muslims prefer hand bidet sprayers in the bathrooms over toilet paper. Having someone who pays attention to these details, like your broker, can be the most important aspect of a sale. These are the types of things most people don’t have the time or energy to address. It might be as simple as picking up a potential renter in a car and driving them to the property. It seems like such a small item, but it can determine the faith of a deal.

Another example is the simple action of returning a phone call in a timely manner. This can often make or break a deal as people tend to feel unappreciated if too much time goes by. The broker’s office is always available to handle any needs that may arise quickly and efficiently.

Knowing where the closest clinic or dry cleaner are located or recommending a bank or even the app to download for a taxi are some of the many ways your broker helps to create a rapport with the client and build trust.

A good broker provides you with good service giving you exactly what you want.



The trust that comes from working with someone who has a good reputation and track record is what helps to make things go more smoothly, now and in the future. The broker wants to build that relationship with both the owner and the buyer so they can continue to work with both in the future. A renter today may become a buyer tomorrow. With the right broker, you can be sure they will help with any issues that may arise in the future, from the internet cutting out to what you can do about parking … well maybe not that last one. With a quality broker, you can be assured of reliable, professional representation that results in both parties being happy and satisfied. And that is the all-important point, isn’t it?


If you have a good broker, you know who to turn to when facing an issue with your property.


Final Word – personal experience

When I first came to Georgia as a foreigner, I used a broker because I was unsure of how to get around. I found them online, and they said all the right things when I contacted them. I wanted help, as many people do, and they definitely knew the city and the language. They showed me several different apartments; I found one I really liked and we made a contract for it.

At this point, a few issues came up and this is important because this often happens in life. It started by their asking me to pay the rent in advance after only staying there for 2 weeks. Then one day, the power went off. From these events, both the owner and I learned the hard way that all brokers are not equal. I did not check any references on the one I used which was my first mistake. You absolutely should speak to other people who have used them, and more than one. I also never went to their office which was my second mistake. Reputable people will have no problem with you coming to their place of business. You should make the effort so you can see what their set up looks like. Finally, I was asked to pay the rent in advance after only living there for 2 weeks which was my last mistake.

In hindsight of course, I can see what I did wrong, but at the time I believed that they were trying to help me. The right broker can make your life so much better and easier, the wrong one…well you get the point.