Design Services

Design Services

Welcome to Sterling’s Design Services.

You can have:

Architectural Design Scope:

  1. Planning
    • Floor Plan
    • Ceiling Plan
    • Wall/Partition Plan
    • Wall color plan
    • Details
  2. Sections ( Floors )
  3. Elevations ( walls, showcases )
  4. Material specification with specified codes
  5. Furniture specification list with codes
  6. 3-D Design ( including all rooms and slices )
  7. MEP design
    • Water
    • Plumbing
    • Heating/Cooling/Ventilation
    • Electrical

It will take us 20-30 days to complete your design, and we will hand it over to you with a Brochure.

Price is $11 per a square meter

The benchmark price to carry out the renovation works we have remodel starts from $130-150 per sqm. The price of finishings depend on the quality of products you choose. Sterling’s customers usually spend $250-300 per sqm on renovation and furnishing.

In short, our professional team is ready to give you the international premium quality at your apartment’s doorstep in Tbilisi.

* Please write it in square meters