Creative Financing Structures
Structure your real estate investment or partnership be it a single or multi-family home, commercial premises, or a construction development.

What is Creative Financing? 


I began full-time real estate investing at the age of 23 with no assets, no regular job, and little consistent income. But I still wanted to buy, sell, and eventually keep properties.

So, I was forced to look beyond the traditional path of walking into a bank and applying for a loan. We learned to use creative tools, such as seller financing, private loans, lease options, and more.

Ironically, after almost 5 years of investing in real estate, I still choose to use creative financing to purchase real estate. 


If you need financing, we can help you out in several ways. 

We are the go-between of the best banks in the city, and it is guaranteed you will get the best mortgage rates through us. 

You can present your deal to Sanan for a 50/50 partnership and he might be interested in providing 50-70% of property value. 

Got the financing approved or a partnership in the making? Book a strategy session with Sanan himself to see the best way you can structure your partnership or creative financing. 


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