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Points about the Georgian Culture

Summary Georgia is known as a hospitable nation Georgians have two Christmases and two New Years Georgians bring food to a graveyard on Easter There is no tipping culture in Georgia Georgian weddings are so big Meeting and Greeting Business Etiquette and Protocol Business Meetings Communication Style Shopping in Georgia – Shop in Tbilisi Final…

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what to drink in Georgia

What to drink in Georgia? alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

  When you visit a destination, local drinks are probably the last thing on your mind unless, of course, we are talking about spirits. Georgian people are passionate about their history, culture and of course their traditional cuisine. When you are on a visit to Georgia, you have the chance to taste some of the…

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What dishes to eat in Georgia? Try these 29 dishes

What dishes to eat in Georgia? Appetizers: Tolma Chikhirtma (chicken soup with egg and lemon) Badrijnis Khizilala (eggplant-pomegranate dip) Badrijani Nigvzit (fried eggplant rolls with walnut-garlic filling) Ispanakhis Pkhali (spinach spread or dip with walnut and cilantro) Main courses: Khachapuri Adjaruli Kuchmanchi Shkmeruli Khinkali Ostiary Kubdari Satsivi Elarji Ajapsandali Mtsvadi Desserts: Pelamushi Churchkhela Tklapi Gozinaki…

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