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Why Georgia and Tbilisi are the heavens for entrepreneurial activities

  Why entrepreneurship is so vital to the economy Why Georgia and Tbilisi are the heavens of entrepreneurs Some financial facts about Georgia Ease of doing business in Georgia Free of corruption economy Low rate of taxes The qualified and talented workforce Powerful tourism industry Georgia’s GDP Starting a business in Tbilisi, Georgia What do…

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What is Dubai Expo 2020?

You might have heard the term, but what really is EXPO? Expos are global events whose dedication is for finding solutions to fundamental challenges humanity faces. These events offer a journey inside a theme by engaging and immersive activities for their audience. Organised and facilitated by governments and bringing together countries and international organisations (Official…

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why invest in tbilisi

Why you should invest in Tbilisi, Georgia

Investing in foreign countries is a new option for personal investors. Each foreign country has its own areas of economic focus for investors from other countries. Among different countries, because of the free and transparent atmosphere, Georgia is a great place to invest in. According to a report in 2018, Georgia is among the top…

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